Preaching Effectively, Revitalizing Your Church: The Seven-Step Ladder Toward Successful Homilies

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-By Fr. Guerric DeBona, O.S.B.
-240 pages
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This book, by an experienced and respected teacher of homiletics, offers a practical and theological guide to effective preaching. Following the medieval tradition of Allan of Lille, Guerric DeBona uses the metaphor of a ladder to describe the ascent up seven rungs or building blocks that constitute the strategies of preaching. Beginning with advice on discovering a personal theology of preaching, he proceeds to unlock the power of the Bible and the liturgy, then guides the reader in creating a unified homily and in discovering a homiletic method that best suits one’s own intellect and temperament. Chapters on communicating in contemporary culture and on globalizing the homily for a New Evangelization are vital for coming to grips with the technological age and the often bewildering diversity of today’s world. Finally, DeBona challenges the reader to recognize and confront one’s own obstacles to effective preaching. Each chapter ends with questions to assist the reader in appropriating the material.

With bad homilies consistently cited as a factor in declining church attendance, Preaching Effectively answers a very pressing need, especially in view of Popes John Paul II s and Benedict XVI s urgent call to rescue traditionally Christian countries from the brink of total secularization.

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