The Word Has Dwelt Among Us: Explorations in Theology

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-By Fr. Guy Mansini, O.S.B.
-268 pages
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This insightful collection of essays focuses on Christ’s saving work and presence in the Church through the sacrament of Orders. The essays on Christ and his work draw creatively upon the Christology of St. Thomas and the soteriology of St. Anselm. The essays on Orders range from a treatment of the priestly representation of Christ to the nature of the “character” imparted by the sacrament of Orders. The last essay, with Professor Lawrence Welch, explains the coherence and integrity of the teaching of Presbyterorum ordinis.


Editorial Review:
By gently dismantling a host of venerable myths, Guy Mansini’s essay on the Benedictine origins of St. Anselm’s concept of satisfaction proves worth the price of this book all by itself. But Fr. Mansini does far more. Listening carefully to theologians past and present, rigorously analyzing the issues, and quietly declining to join in fruitless stand-offs between opposing schools, he shows far better than a treatise on method could an inviting way forward for Catholic theology today.
–Bruce Marshall, Professor of Historical Theology, Southern Methodist University

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