Why Do Catholics Genuflect?

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-By Al Kresta
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To encounter the Catholic Church is to discover a rich, complex heritage of Christian faith and practice. Why Do Catholics Genuflect? answers in clear, concise terms many of the most common questions asked about the Catholic faith. Why do Catholics make so much of Mary? Why do Catholics confess to a priest? Were Catholics ever forbidden to read the Bible? Aren’t annulments just Catholic divorces? Non-Catholics, new Catholics, and even cradle Catholics will find here fresh insights into the Church’s liturgy, sacraments, hierarchy, and much more.

About the author:
Al Kresta is executive editor of the award-winning Catholic weekly newspaper Credo and general manager of the Ave Maria Radio Network. An enthusiastic convert and veteran broadcaster, he has fielded numerous questions about the Catholic faith from callers on his nationally syndicated radio talk show, Kresta in the Afternoon. He lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with his wife, Sally, and their five children.

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