Tiny Saints® – Saint Meinrad charm

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-Tiny Saints® presents the saints in a vibrant, contemporary, and “charming” way
-A thoughtful and practical gift for your loved ones – young and young at heart
-TinySaints® are perfect additions to backpacks, sports bags, keychains, purses, and more!
-Package dimensions: 2″L x 3.75″W x .25″H


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In ninth-century Switzerland, St. Meinrad became a Benedictine monk and later sought the solitude of a hermit’s life. When people came to him for spiritual guidance, St. Meinrad graciously attended to each guest’s physical and spiritual needs. One day, two robbers came, believing he kept treasures hidden in his hermitage. The holy monk welcomed them, but they murdered him and fled. St. Meinrad is known as the “Martyr of Hospitality.”

Patron saint of:

  • hospitality

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Weight .25 lbs
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