All Natural Beard Oil

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-Our Beard Oil is absolute top quality using only the best natural ingredients.
-Rub a few drops into beard to help soften, hydrate and condition.
-2 fl. oz.

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Just like the hair on the top of your head needs to be taken care of, so does the hair on your face. Many men ignore this need and end up with a beard that looks dull and sparse.  Proper care involves trimming, shampooing and most importantly moisturizing with the right type of product. Beard oil offers amazing benefits for any man with a little hair on their face. It moisturizes the often dry skin underneath, it smells great making your face more appealing to your significant other and helps tame beard tangle. Our Beard Oil is absolute top quality using only the best natural ingredients.

Beard Oil Ingredients:

Fractionated Coconut Oil
Golden Jojoba Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Orange Bitter Essential Oil
Peppermint Supreme Essential Oil

How to Use Beard Oil

Step 1: Once you determine the product that’s right for you, it’s always best to shower first.  Make sure you shampoo your beard the same way you would the hair on the top of your head.  You want to make sure the hair is clean and ready for product.

Step 2: Clip your beard to desired length.  Make sure to do this before applying any product.

Step 3:  Simply apply 5-7 drops (depending on length and density of hair or beard) to palm of hand and distribute evenly throughout slightly damp hair.  For better distribution use a comb.  If your looking for a slightly dryer look you can always adjust the look and feel by hitting it with a hair dryer or applying slightly more product.

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