Saint Roch
Porcelain Pendant

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-Handcrafted fine porcelain pendant
-32″ braided rayon cord
-Made in Michigan
-Pendant size: 1 1/2″ x 7/8″

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Saint Roch
Patron of dogs, dog lovers, and invalids

Roch was born a French noble, but early on he developed a strong sympathy for the poor. At the age of 20, he gave his fortune to the poor and left on a pilgrimage. He came across a town afflicted by the plague. He stayed to help the sick and miraculously cured several people, but then got the disease himself. He went into a forest to die, but a stray dog fed him food stolen from his master’s table and Roch recovered. Roch was arrested but never mentioned his nobility. He died after five years in prison.

For centuries, we have called upon our patron saints knowing that they will be our advocates and provide us strength. The exemplary lives of the saints serve as examples to us. Having a special saint to call on for each of our needs gives us hope, encouragement and protection. Our handmade porcelain portraits help to keep your patron saint close to you.

Our Patron Saints line of porcelain jewelry comes packaged in a velvet-lined box with a card describing the meaning of each design and it’s religious symbolism.

Pendants are on a 32 inch braided rayon cord.

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