Peanut Brother Heavenly Honey


-1 lb. jar
-Honey Peanut Butter
-Made from Peanuts, Honey and Salt with just the right amount of sweetness
-From the Monks of Saint Meinrad

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From our cloister to yours. Homemade peanut butter from the monks of Saint Meinrad. Three simple ingredients; a whole jar of joy!

Two Benedictine monks set off for the United States from Einsiedeln Abbey in Switzerland to establish a new monastery. Eagerly anticipating their mission of serving the needs of the growing Catholic population and preparing men for the priesthood, they settled in southwest Indiana and named their monastery after Saint Meinrad, a martyr of hospitality, in 1854. Others soon joined in their life of prayer and work. For over 160 years, we have been striving to grow in love of God and neighbor as we serve all peoples as Christ through our prayer and work.  This jar of Honey Peanut Butter gives you a share in our developing story.

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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